Portraits 2016-17


What is The Portrait Sideshow?


Me and my grandson loved having our pictures done. It wasn’t what we were expecting on our day out at the media museum but we had lots of fun having our photos taken. My grandson is normally quiet shy but the photographer got him smiling and brought him right out of his shell. We loved the experience thank you so much.


So, What is The Portrait Sideshow?

Jacqueline and her Mum:

Personally, I’m a very shy person, so doing the photographs helped me step out of my comfort zone and interact with people I’d never seen before. It also made me feel exposed, which isn’t common, and it’s great to get out of routine and feel and experience new things. After a couple of photos, you begin to feel less ashamed and just start acting naturally, the fact that I could just be myself, and not care what was going on around me was so enjoyable. It was definitely something different for me, and given that I’m foreign, it’s something I thoroughly enjoyed and encourage you to keep doing. Helping to make someone’s day, and making them feel that much more special randomly is amazing. I thank you for the opportunity of participating and hope you continue this activity._MG_8324.jpg

Portraits for Christmas

We have some studio sittings available in Wakefield and Leeds up until the end of November and prices start from £35

Please get in touch if you know someone who would like beautiful portraits made by an artist with work in three national galleries.


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It’s all About the Face

How many faces will you see this week? On the bus, out and about, in school or in work, in the park, at the gym, queuing in the supermarket, not to mention on television, in film and magazines, on Facebook, in selfies and other smartphone photos… and every one of them different!

Dr Jane Frances, Policy Adviser in Education, Changing Faces



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We’ve made a business of trying to capture the essence of people by just concentrating on their faces.